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  • whenever you're going on tour, please come to Denmark!! I would soo love to go to one your shows!!

    Asked by Anonymous

    It’s definitely my plan to get out there! I’ll be seeing you soon!

    What qualities you look for in a guy?

    Asked by Anonymous

    compassion, empathy, loyalty, ambition, optimism, creativity, confidence, intellect, a visionary inclination, grit and tenacity, open mindedness, strong interpersonal skills, enough struggle to make him resilient but not too much that he’s been jaded or calloused, financial stability, emotional stability and openness, self-motivation, sexual curiosity, a strong urge to protect/provide and be a behind-the-scenes supporter, someone who’s comfortable in the spotlight but doesn’t need it to feel validated, an ability to share power in a relationship, tall, dark, and handsome.